Accurate People Counting with MEGACOUNT

We are able to reach the highest 98% accuracy due to a unique detection algorithm and a powerful high-speed microprocessor

Below is an example of of accurate customer counting in a shopping mall. The 3D MEGACOUNT people counter is installed to count people going through the right door of the main entrance. Even though the customer flow is rather dense and people are wearing dark clothes against the dark-coloured carpet, the 3D counter faultlessly detects the customers and tracks them within the whole coverage area

Here is a demonstration of the 3D counter's performance: people are walking through anti-theft gates and the counter, mounted above the gates, accurately identifies and captures all customers. The installation height here is 3.5m (11.5ft)

This video demonstrates the counting algorithm based on creating a 3D cloud: four people walk through underneath the counter; the sensor distinguishes them by their heads and tracks them within the whole coverage area

And even if you want to count people outside, we have a solution for you — 3D-PRO outdoor camera that completely ignores any shadows and accurately detects every person in sight:

Another video counter, 2D, has multi-colour lenses, so the picture is a bit different, even though the accuracy remains:

2D counters can also be installed at angle without any loss in accuracy. Here you can see how a 2D counter performs in a shopping mall while being mounted at a 45 degree angle:


If you want to see the actual counting, here you go: people crossing the blue line are counted as going In, whereas people just walking by are detected, but not counted. The system is flexible and can be set however needed: we can add a tool to count people who leave the mall, and we can count passersby as well