Centralized Data Acquisition as a Necessity

Today the majority of retail companies gather customer statistics. This data allows to monitor customer activity and take timely steps to increase the company’s efficiency. Client counting systems mounted at the entries of shopping centers provide invaluable information on the dynamics of traffic and give the opportunity to examine the factors influencing it.
Customer counters without data analysis and that don’t use centralized data acquisition and don’t gather information on the activity of the organization automatically are not considered to be effective tools for difficult tasks. In the best-case scenario, such counters can show the footfall at just one location without the data from all the locations. It’s fair to say that they are not worth the $50 they were sold for. The most of the existing counting systems enable us to analyze the gathered data, which is more than helpful for projects using 400 or more counting devices. In that case the information from each location is processed automatically and is shown in an analysis report as structured data depending on the period and location of the count. The information processing can be done in various ways: some integrating devices offer access to web-analysis, some send weekly reports and some have a software shell to display statistics.
When designing their counting system, MEGACOUNT took into account the fact that businesses can be different and require individual solutions for information processing. For those choosing comprehensive software, there is MEGACOUNT — an analytic system with a wide range of special tools. If you prefer to receive data in the browser of your mobile device you can use the MEGACOUNT plug-in that doesn’t require installing the workspace. For companies using their own database or CRM-systems, engineers from MEGACOUNT have designed programmed data upload so that you can easily integrate the traffic statistics into your corporate system.
Data output in the MEGACOUNT system for project management:
- MEGACOUNT web plug-in for working in the browser of a device connected to the Internet.
- Integration into CRM-software enables automatic upload of the traffic statistics into the corporate database. This provides the opportunity to calculate the most important index in retail — sales conversion — due to which a company can evaluate the efficacy of each salespoint.
- Programmed data output can be set up through the web-interface of the counters; it can also synchronize the data with any corporate system and use MEGACOUNT equipment with the devices of other manufacturers of footfall systems.