What Is Left for Brick&Mortar Retail?

While e-commerce keeps growing, for many retailers, traditional stores still play an important role. Luckily, there are modern technologies one can use to bring the customers to the brick and mortar stores.
Target Marketing
Advertising, too, has been increasingly shifting towards digitization. There are more and more digital billboards, which provides the opportunity to personalize what is shown to each client. Smart stands can identify people when they approach and, therefore, display the products that are interesting for them. Considering that such kiosks have the ability to show the location of the nearest stores, this approach to personalizing marketing content can significantly increase the visitation conversion.
The same technology can be employed inside the store. There are many ways to use digital signage to promote specific content for specific audience — it can be anything from face recognition for individual offers to automated advert change on certain days depending on the footfall.
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For many people their smartphones have become something they spend the majority of time with. For those retailers who keep up with the times, it opens relatively great opportunities. By developing your own app, you can move to another level of customer relations, especially since now there is a way to improve the purchasing procedure before clients walk into a shop by adding the options of order processing and checking if the item is in stock. While in the store, the customer can use the app to scan QR codes, find relevant reviews and information on special offers.
Just as the company app, a web site that is thought through is also a helpful tool for traditional retail. It’s important to couple proper SEO optimization with quality content.
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Wi-Fi Analytics and Beacon
The beacon technology expands the apps’ functionality even more. Due to Bluetooth devices placed discreetly within a venue, customers receive push-notifications on their smartphones even if they are just passing by a store and have their Wi-Fi turned off. It simultaneously enables analysts to gather data on how many people enter the store (traffic conversion) and triggers additional sales by directly messaging potential buyers.
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All these methods of improving customer relations work better with the main retail analytical tool — people counters. Data collected by the counters helps the company to understand how adequate its marketing and management strategies are.
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