How Can a People Counting System Help Increase Profitability?

A people counting system provides the opportunity to gather and analyze information on the traffic in such objects as shopping malls, stores and retail chains. Based on the collected data you can evaluate conversion rates, efficiency of marketing campaigns and current situation with your business in general.
The system enables you to solve a lot of marketing tasks, including the following:
• How many visitors became buyers;
• When is the peak traffic;
• How a marketing campaign influences the number of customers;
• How popular is the venue;
• Which areas within the store attract the most attention and location of which is unfortunate;
• Many other factors and conditions.
Data visualization
Statistics is one of the crucial criteria at all management levels, particularly the need to provide relevant information to the employees online. Footfall statistics can optimize various activities in retail, increase conversion rates and help create a powerful advertising campaign.
The information should be offered in a form understandable for the staff and it should be convenient to receive, process and use it non-stop.
Analysts should be able to choose the parameters of information display depending on their goal: geographic classification of the stores, shopping mall floors, data in months, weeks, days, hours and minutes. Any chosen number of employees should have access to the system.
Feedback feature
A people counting system enables the company to open new channels of communication with clients. For instance, knowing behavior details of your target customers allows adding certain tweaks to the interior of the store and influence the mood and engagement levels of the clients. The “Feedback” feature gives the opportunity to interact with individual customers and present relevant offers.
The main goal of any retailer is to establish long-term relationships with the clients. The most urgent issue of the modern market is how to make sure a customer comes to the store again, and that can depend on numerous factors, and by providing the latest data, a people counting system becomes an invaluable tool that can be employed to evaluate the current status, purchasing conversion, open hours, staff schedule, marketing and management efficiency. The statistics allow examining criteria that wasn’t considered before, which takes your business to the next level.
Profitability of a business heavily depends on the performance of the customer service employees and sellers, because they can directly influence if a visitor becomes a buyer. MegaCount people counting system helps evaluate the quality and efficiency of their work. It calculates conversion, the percentage ratio between visitors and buyers.
bar chart 
If the staff are unenthusiastic and not caring, of course visitors are going to turn around, go away and never come back, whereas if visitors enjoyed the service of the assistants that helped choose suitable products, they will become buyers and probably return for more and might recommend your store to their friends.
MegaCount people counting system will show the conversion between visitors to the store and buyers in a daily or monthly report, based on which one can evaluate the performance of their employees.
If the number of visitors greatly exceeds the number of buyers, it’s advisable to reconsider the sales and service strategies by introducing new methods and marking them in the data processing system. Later, the system will demonstrate which newly added methods influenced the conversion and in which direction.
For projects like hairdressing salons or movie theaters, people counters can help monitor the integrity of the staff by comparing the number of receipts with the number of customers or checking if the average receipt is smaller than predicted.
If a retail chain combines several branch offices, MegaCount system allows integrating all the venues and the owner or a marketing specialist can view the data on traffic within the whole system or in every object separately.
MegaCount counters have an elegant appearance, are very small and almost unnoticeable and they don’t require maintenance. The system is set up once and then it works uninterruptedly, counting and automatically transferring data to the shared data collection center.