Multi-directional Counting

Do you need to not only count your customers, but also analyze their behavior and determine their routes? Only MegaCount counters have the unique feature of multi-directional counting.
Knowing how the traffic divides and how many people walk in which direction and how many pass the store by helps to make a fact-based evaluation of marketing strategies. For instance, one of the vendors in a shopping center started giving out flyers to increase the traffic. To choose a good spot for the person distributing the flyers, the company analyzed the routes of the shopping center visitors. It proved to be a successful move, which demonstrates how the choice of the advertising location directly influences its efficiency:
We have another real-life example. Our client needed to know not only how many people visited his store, but also how many people moved from the left to the right and vice versa: it’s important for stores in shopping centers to understand how customers react to the window displays. In this case, the client installed an LCD display constantly showing ads along the route of customers moving from the right to the left and it increased the percent of people actually visiting the store several times: