I have installed a people counting system, so where are the results?

Retail market is realizing that there is a strong necessity and reason to introduce systems that can provide structured and detailed analysis of customer behavior in stores. It is greatly fueled by newly emerging technologies for collecting and processing data.
One of the most influential and critically important errors in customer traffic analytics is the idea that the company will get results right after installing such a solution. In reality, before that happens, each retailer must conduct a comprehensive analysis of their business, formulate their goals and determine what success means for that specific company.
Drawing from that, every seller can pinpoint key parameters and metrics to monitor changes after integrating a new technology. That is the end of the first stage, and now one can proceed to choosing the appropriate solution and the supplier. As main requirements for the integrator company, we can name the accuracy and reliability of the data collection system, service support, proved efficiency of the solution and reasonable cost recovery.
Having installed the technology to receive detailed statistics on customer footfall, the company should focus on the chosen parameters, determine the factors affecting them and start adjusting its strategy to the new conditions. Onlu then will it be possible to start comparing footfall, sales, efficiency of special offers and marketing campaigns and make new informed decisions based on the gathered data.
To resume what we have discussed — you should not sit and wait for the traffic analysis system do all the work autonomously. It is important to understand that such technology is a powerful tool that will help you reach certain goals when used right.