Efficient Employees

Do you sometimes find your staff browsing social media because they have nothing to do? Or maybe it's the opposite and they are exhausted and can't manage to properly serve every customer because they just don't have the time?
Inadequate staffing can lead to wasting money on unnecessarily large number of employees or to an outflow of customers due to poor service or lack thereof. So how to avoid all that?
Of course, training and company policy play a very important role in staff efficiency and their attitude, but even carefully developed strategies can be negated by mistakes in the number of employees and their schedule.
First, you need to know your overall traffic for each store to estimate the needed number of employees. This parameter will depend not only on the footfall statistics, but also on the peculiarities of your business and on how much time should an employee spend with one customer.
After you know your general numbers, consider customer traffic for all seasons and weekend traffic as well — there is a high chance there will be considerable differences there. When you've got all this data, adjusting staff schedule will be a no-brainer.

Now we know that the right data is everything, where do we get it?
One of the tools that can help you optimize the schedule for your employees is people counting systems: they indicate the peak and slow hours, days, months and years for every store and even estimate how many customers are there per each consultant. Implementing this instrument will noticeably improve your customer service and make your team and, therefore, your business more efficient.

With MegaCount people counters you also don't have to worry about counting accuracy regarding your staff — logical employee exclusion is easily set up on 2D and 3D counters.