Peak Hours

One of the most useful insights a people counting system can provide is peak hours — busiest periods of time with the most customers in the store.
peak hours
And it's not just hours: you can see statistics for days, weeks, months and even years!
The colours are distributed along the "cold-to-hot" colour spectrum, so the "hottest" colours, like red or orange, would mean that the chosen hour, day, etc. had the most people. And blueish, greenish colours would mean that particular hour or day is not very popular with your clients.
This report is very visual, and you can see straight away when was the peak time for your store, and when the customer flow was the lowest.

That information helps with a lot of tasks, but the main are:
- optimizing open hours and staff schedule;
- planning and preparing stock;
- tracking seasonal tendencies;
- monitoring the efficiency of marketing campaigns;
- choosing the perfect timing for special offers;
- and much more.
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