How to Choose the Right People Counter?

How to Choose the Right People Counter?

Even though there are different types of people counters — infrared, thermal, Wi-Fi, ToF, 2D, 3D — counters within each type are very alike. So how does one choose?

Begin with setting the budget for your project: IR and 2D counters are usually less expensive than 3D and ToF, but they can also provide a lesser accuracy.

Each counter type has its limitations: IR and 2D counters can be affected by natural lighting and dense traffic, thermal counters are affected by temperature, ToF — by installations conditions, and Wi-Fi counters can raise the issue of privacy.
If you have any questions on which type of counter would work best for your project, please do not hesitate to write to, and our experts will explain everything in detail and recommend the most suitable solution.

When you have figured out what technology you need, the only remaining choice is that of the manufacturer or distributor.
Two main points to consider here are software and technical support: request a demo version of the software to see if it is easy to use and if it has the analytical reports that you need. Many companies charge for the access to software, so be sure to get the estimates for each year of use.
As for the support, it is very important that the company can smoothly and quickly install and calibrate the equipment, respond to your inquiries and resolve any issues just as quickly.

To sum it up, consider pricing (including software and service), needed level of accuracy, installation conditions and communication with the seller — we are confident you will make the right choice!