Counting Dense Traffic

In many stores, particularly in those located in shopping malls, customer traffic can be dense and not all people counting systems are capable of counting accurately in such conditions. The same goes for any places with busy traffic, like exhibition and business centers, stadiums, airports, railway stations, etc. The best solution for larger crowds would be a 3D people counter that has a height filter and precise counting algorithm.

Footfall of a store is a valuable parameter that helps calculate conversion rates (for instance, how many visitors became buyers), and it requires accurate and reliable devices to perform the task.

Having deep understanding of the importance of that and of the main issues in the field, MegaCount has developed a solution that meets the requirements of nowadays retail: MegaCount 3D Stereo people counter can accurately calculate the number of customers even if they cross the counting line at the same time.

On the picture below, you can see an example of how the sensor has detected the customers and built their tracks, even though the two people entered the store together. Green and purple lines are the tracks of the clients; the solid orange line counts people coming in, the dotted orange line counts people leaving the venue.


You can also see the counters in action in our videoblog.

MegaCount 3D counters are equipped with comprehensive counting and data processing algorithms, as well as flexible counting tools to suit numerous scenarios. It will be easy to configure the device to count people going in different directions together or separately, count passersby, exclude employees and to comply with your requests.
If you want to know how to install a people counting in your store or need further information, please feel free to contact us at

With this powerful tool at your disposal, you can get accurate data for analytics and use it to build successful marketing and management strategies.