MEDIA Retail Analytics


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Heatmaps determine zones where visitors of the store spend the most time. Busiest areas are coloured with red and show not only more attractive products, but spaces that might not be compliant with social distancing measures as well.

This media report provides information on how much time people spend at each location, which product stand is more popular, how interior and product display adjustments influence customer behaviour and answers many other questions so that you can use this data to focus on existing resources and ways to improve customer experience.

However, heatmaps can be not only geographical, but chronological as well: visitor traffic changes throughout the day, week, month, year, and MEGACOUNT peak hour reports are your best tool to track daily and seasonal tendencies, as well as to plan stock and adjust staff schedule.

  • Strategic interior design and product display
  • Reports on visitor traffic in each store in one WEB-interface
  • Analysis of marketing campaign efficiency







Analytical retrospective kinetics of customer movement within a store allows to determine zones of interest and convenient paths for visitors.
Tracking maps store previous historical data, which helps quickly assess any changes to the business strategy.

Visitor Tracking

  • How do client trajectories differ within the store?
  • Are there any patterns to visitor movement?
  • Which zones are visited more frequently?
  • Are there spaces that can be improved?

MEGACOUNT system stores data for each customer path and frame them into a single tracking map — a report that will help answer the above questions and understand how visitor paths are formed and how organic is the store navigation, determine patterns and tendencies in various customer categories and systematize that gathered information to create a convenient and engaging space.

tracking maps




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MEGACOUNT equipment provides online video stream of the image, which means that users have a backup tool for monitoring and ensuring security.
The system can display video stream in real time from any number of counters.
The developed algorithm allows monitoring of customer presence on site, which eliminates excessive burden on the data transfer channel and minimizes requirements for the storage elements used.

All data is transferred to a server provided by MEGACOUNT without any additional expenses for storing video archives.
Due to scalable settings of video display, one can consider marketing parameters for each location:

  • Monitoring product display in a store
  • Staff performance control
  • Studying customers and their behaviour in real time






Besides the table and graph reports that make up the base for retail analytics, MEGACOUNT system provides its users with much more than just a set of statistical parameters.
Each MEGACOUNT video counter takes pictures of customers at the moment of their crossing of a chosen area or entrance.
Photos are stored in the analytical OMEGA system and can be viewed at any time.

With this technology, companies form a more detailed understanding of their clients.
Marketing specialists responsible for brand development can easily determine gender, age groups and a general image of an average client:

  • Visits by singles or in groups
  • Male, female or mixed audience
  • Customer age
  • Zones of interest
  • Customers’ style