Counting Passersby

Marketing is a key part of any business venture. It has many aspects to it, but for brick&mortar retail stores one of the factors influencing the number of incoming customers the most is the design of their window displays. So, how can one easily evaluate the efficiency of a marketing campaign?

They can install a people counting system. It has the ability to not only count passersby, but also to determine the direction of their movement. This data enables the company to calculate the conversion rate of people entering the store to passersby, as well as understand what attracts people and what leaves them indifferent. You can also change the display depending on the flow of customers at specific time periods.

MegaCount people counters with the option of counting passersby can prove to be a useful tool for shopping mall owners as well. Counters mounted in shopping centers allow calculating customers of each tenant, and that data can become the basis for a lease system where it is calculated according to the footfall within the mall.


The picture above shows an example of counting passersby and building their tracks by MegaCount 3D Stereo people counter. The red dotted line and the red area indicate a portal and an exclusion area used for counting customers going in and out of the store. The pink and yellow lines are the tracks of the passersby, which are counted when they cross the orange line.

The data gathered by the counter will help you increase the profitability of your business and achieve better relations with your tenants.
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