MEGACOUNT is a global manufacturer of people counting systems, software and systemic solutions for retail and shopping malls with the assembly line in Kazakhstan.

We are a team of professionals united by a common goal — to find the best solution for customer traffic analysis, and we have created internationally recognized equipment of highest quality and accuracy. We solve the toughest of issues with customer counting and adapt the clients’ business processes to various external factors.

We take our clients’ privacy very seriously and guarantee safety of the data processed; we do not impose our service of processing it on our servers — all the clients’ data is stored on their servers.

Another thing we take pride in is that our equipment is exceptionally functional and has everything you need to launch the system right away.

With our counters, the installation and set-up are simple, and the system itself is highly reliable, accurate and low-maintenance.
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In MEGACOUNT we know everything about people counting and customer psychology, just as we know that a counter by itself offers a limited range of features. That’s why, having employed the latest technologies, we have also developed two software options — Statistics and OMEGA. These are powerful tools for calculating conversion, learning which shops and showcases attract more customers and for choosing an effective marketing strategy.
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Our partnerships are very important to us, and the key points on which we base them are trust, efficient technical support and transparency.

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