Multidirectional Counting
If you need to not only count your customers, but also to analyze their behavior by determining their routes — you're at luck, because MegaCount people counters have the unique feature of multidirectional counting.

A client approached us asking to analyze customer routes: the task was to monitor general traffic, people going to the left, people going to the right and passers-by.


Such division of customers depending on the direction they are walking in enables us to evaluate the efficiency of marketing campaigns and do it based on facts. Let's consider a couple of examples from our experience.

A retailer in a shopping mall launched a campaign for giving out flyers to increase the footfall in his store. To find the best place to distribute the material, the company conducted an analysis of customer routes and, based on that, chose a line along which the advertiser was supposed to move. The results of the campaign clearly showed that the choice of the location in such cases directly influences its efficiency.

In another case, our client needed to know how many people visit the venue and how many go from left to right and from right to left. For stores in shopping centers, it's important to understand how customers react on the window displays. In this example, after installing LCD screens with non-stop ads along the route of people going from right to left, the percent of visitors to the store has multiplied.