MEGACOUNT has vast experience in the field of people counting, and we know everything about hardware of various people counting systems and can provide service and support for them

Thorough integration of third-party 2D and 3D counters
Safety of your data
Quick and easy project launch
Calibration, configuration, service, integration, installation

Layout of the counting system for the client's venue


What we offer:

Recommending the type of sensor for each entrance;
Layout of the counters' location and direction of customers' movement;
Calculating the number of sensors needed for the whole project;
Layout of logical groups: passages between levels, counting galleries, corridors, blocks, escalators, stare flights;
Drafting the plan and network architecture

You get an easily understandable visual plan and the best solution for your project


Checking counting accuracy and calibrating the counter to get positive results
We remotely calculate the number of customers who actually went in and compare the number to the counter readings


Data from the counters is pushed received automatically
Data is stored and processed in a cloud solution
No need for a dedicated server
Differentiated access rights

Comprehensive training of the client's representatives

What we provide:
Training the representatives how to use the data
Installing the software at the workplace of marketing and finance employees, owners
Helping in setting up data export and interpretation
Training the client's IT staff to calibrate and set up the counters

Overall IT assistance 

What we offer:
Setting and changing network settings for the counters
Setting up data export to the client's system
Setting up server software
Arranging data export
Adapting reports to the client's requirements

Technical Support