65mm Х 95mm Х 25mm (2.6in Х 3.7in Х 0.9in)

2D People Counter



                                                                                                                               2D people counter 



2D people counter uses movement detection against a static background. The DSP processor receives the image from the sensor, calculates all the movement changes in relation to the background and based on a built-in algorithm distinguishes customers, tracks them within the coverage area while discounting false objects, shadows and specks of lights. The processor stores all the gathered data and then transfers it to a data processing system.

The DSP processor receives the image from the camera, compares it to a range of previous images, and monitors changes. Each point of the coverage area will be depicted in a number of previously received images as well. The processor calculates the difference between several frames of the coverage area and creates a mathematical model based on the changes in the location.

The Maths

math 2d.PNG

Picture above: when moving, the object progresses to the right; the processor goes through a number of images and calculates the V̄ statistics for the t (a point in the image).

Statistics for each point of the image 
Vn – the value of the point in each of the images
Kn – the number of images
The change of the t value in one of the images as compared to its accumulated general statistics will indicate movement. 

Requirement for movement recognition
Pn – moving points 
Tn – scanned points
The processor recognizes a set of Pn points meeting this requirement as an appearance of customer in the coverage area.

Circuit Design

circuit 2d.png

A CMOS graphic sensor receives the picture of the coverage area through a lens. The sensor digitalizes the primary image and transfers it to the DSP-processor.

The DSP-processor receives the image, adjusts the colour, brightness, noise and buffers it. The processor monitors the changes in each image and based on that, with a built-in algorithm, it calculates how many people have gone through the counter. The gathered data is stored and then transferred via Ethernet.



    • A colour camera
    • A colour CMOS sensor that supports HDR
    • Virtual 3D ASSIS primary data processing algorithm
    • A single core DSP processor
    • DSP BIOS software
    • FLASH memory 8Gb
    • Automated adaptation to outside lighting, whether it’s dark, sunny, or there are light specks
    • Acquisition and recording of data with the interval starting at 1 minute
    • Dimensions filters
    • Up to six tracking detectors in various combinations
    • Supporting PoE 48V
    • Impact-resistant ABS plastic cover, colour white, black or gray — 95mm х 65mm х 25mm (3.7in х2.5in х 0.9in) IP60
    • Automatic control of downloaded data
    • Supporting FTP, SNTP, DNS, HTML, TFTP
    • Download in TXT, CSV, XML, JSON, JPG (tracking, heatmaps)
    • Automatic upgrade of TFTP firmware
    • No license restrictions
    • Installation angle +/- 45°
    • Automatic movement detection
    • Automatic positioning against the floor
    • Passive fanless cooling
    • Doesn’t require additional service after installation and calibration
    • 1-year warranty
    • Manufacturer — MEGACOUNT

characts 2d.PNG




Proved high counting accuracy in medium traffic


To (S)FTP/HTTP(S) servers

In/Out values
Passersby counting
Tracking maps
Customer photo
More about the OMEGA CLOUD



MEGACOUNT developers employ the most modern electrical parts from leading manufacturers:
Powerful DSP processors for video processing by TEXAS INSTRUMENTS (USA)
Video sensors by APTINA (USA)
Flash memory by CYPRESS (USA)
Binding by SAMSUNG (KOREA)
Board blanks by MICROLIT (RUSSIA)
Mechanic nods and parts by MEGACOUNT (RUSSIA)
Manufacturing and assembly by MEGACOUNT (RUSSIA)


Highly accurate 3D ASSIS detection algorithmcounting accuracy up to 98%

Built-in detection algorithm allows analyzing the video stream on the fly, detecting people in it and tracking them within the whole coverage area.

The MEGACOUNT video counter is suitable for large shopping centers and smaller stores.

The algorithm is low-maintenance; you can mount the sensors angled in y-axis and in places with limited workspace.

All the settings are fully automated and any user can deal with them easily. Calibration is set once at the very beginning and you won't have to worry about it after.


1-year warranty
MEGACOUNT quality assurance policy lets us control every level of production. The manufactured devices go through a series of tests and inspections at all the stages of assembly. That ensures that all the sensors we offer meet the highest requirements of the international quality control system.

To create a reliable high-quality product that meets the demands and expectations of today’s market, in our production we use the best parts from leading global manufacturers and suppliers with spotless reputation. Only high-quality accessories can ensure accurate and stable counting and efficiency of the whole system.

In MEGACOUNT we realize how important it is to provide impeccable service and are confident in the quality of our sensors, and for you to appreciate this confidence, MEGACOUNT offers extended 1-year warranty. In addition to reliable and efficient equipment, you get technical support from one of the largest manufacturers of people counting systems. 


Heatmaps and route maps

Show the division of traffic and how everyone in it is moving — that’s a task for the MEGACOUNT video counter. That kind of data helps companies make a huge step towards better customer relations. Having studied customer psychology, you can regulate the factors influencing traffic rates, come up with the most profitable marketing strategy and improve your merchandizing methods.

Due to a powerful high-tech processor, MEGACOUNT has created a device that not only precisely counts customers but also monitors their movement within the whole coverage area.

Kinetic maps: tracking

Shows mean customer movement.
Demonstrates the direction of the movement.
The colour spectrum shows the number of visits to every zone.
Determines customers’ routes onsite, e.g. along the showcases or product display.

Kinetic heatmaps

Show mean visit duration.
The colour spectrum demonstrates the dwell time in a zone.
Determine zones of interest, like which part of the showcase or product display attracts more customers.

While designing our people counting system, one of the key tasks for MEGACOUNT was to create the first smart device that could find, recognize and track customers along their routes. The development of such a sensor made it possible to fully monitor a client’s movement within the coverage area. VideoCount 3D ASSIS also enables a company to conduct a comprehensive research of the psychology of their customers’ behavior.

Marketing specialists and analysts now have a unique tool that demonstrates the behavior of every customer. We can learn about their interests and needs, routes and moving speed, visit duration and time spent near each of the items. All that is left to do to turn a visitor of your store into a buying customer is to provide them with what they need.

View the embedded image gallery online at:


Multidirectional: counting customers moving in different directions

Do you need to not only count your customers, but also analyze their behavior and determine their routes? Only MEGACOUNT counters have the unique feature of multidirectional counting.


Knowing how the traffic divides and how many people walk in which direction and how many pass the store by helps to make a fact-based evaluation of marketing strategies. For instance, one of the vendors in a shopping center started giving out flyers to increase the traffic. To choose a good spot for the person distributing the flyers, the company analyzed the routes of the shopping center visitors. It proved to be a successful move, which demonstrates how the choice of the advertising location directly influences its efficiency.

We have another real-life example. Our client needed to know not only how many people visited his store, but also how many people moved from the left to the right and vice versa: it’s important for stores in shopping centers to understand how customers react to the window displays. In this case, the client installed an LCD display constantly showing ads along the route of customers moving from the right to the left and it increased the percent of people actually visiting the store several times.



Multiple counting tools
Lines can face any direction and their length can be set by the user.

Lines for counting customers going in and out with a control line are used when you need to define the direction of the customer flow more precisely.

If the entrance of your venue is wide or complex, it's possible to create additional in-and-out lines, place them at an angle and combine them together depending on the peculiarities of the location.

calib 20

Portal counts entering and exiting customers depending on their routes. It's convenient for closed entries, elevators or escalators.

Counting area
allows choosing a zone of interest for more precise counting.

count area
Lines for discounting staff from the general traffic: they a placed near the main traffic route so that the employees can go through the entrance without causing faults in the statistics.

calib op


Highly powerful modern fanless 3D DSP processor

Powerful modern processor

A modern powerful DSP processor is at the heart of the counter. It allows processing the video stream on the fly, detect and track customers based on complex processing algorithms.

Detection and video analysis occur in the counter itself, which ensures stable and nonvolatile work.

Having analyzed the video stream and detected people, the counter saves the log files and transfers them into the  "STATISTICS" analytical system as scheduled.

We use a specialized DSP BIOS real-time operational system that rules out any hang-ups and guarantees stable performance of the counter.

Easy PoE connection

Both data transfer and power supply go through a single UTP cable: connection has never been that fast and easy.

The video counter has just one LAN port and nothing more.



The counter has 4Gb of built-in memory where all the information on the traffic of a shop is stored. In case of network problems, the counting doesn’t stop and all the data is saved in the memory. From there the data is transferred in full to the server as soon as it’s possible.

How it helps

  • Guaranteed data collection = no gaps in statistics;
  • No risk in disconnecting the server for routine maintenance;
  • In case of network problems, you can have enough time to eliminate them without loosing any valuable footfall data;
  • The counting systems are more stable even if they include many counting units.

built-in storage


Guaranteed quality of every video counter and counting accuracy ISO 9001-2011 

A conducted audit proved and certified that MEGACOUNT has successfully implemented and met the requirements of the international ISO 9001:2008 quality control standard.

MEGACOUNT's main goals within our quality policy:

  • constantly ensuring sufficient quality of the products;
  • maintaining and strengthening our position as a manufacturer of high-quality products;
  • developing and manufacturing new types of products;
  • keeping production rates high;
  • building trust in our relationships with partners


The smallest on the market

Suitable for different style shopping centers and retail chains.

Imagine a huge chunky thing hanging from the ceiling of your store and scaring off your customers: that’s not something you would like to use for people counting, is it?
Good thing you can get MEGACOUNT counters — the dimensions are 95m х 65m х 25m (3.7in х 2.5in х 0.9in).

Having analyzed the market, we gathered that clients need a small and concealed sensor that wouldn’t be noticeable to the customers and wouldn’t scare them away. With this in mind, we set a goal to minimize the size of the counter and now we are proud to offer the smallest and most inconspicuous device on the market.

1) doesn’t scare away the customers with its big size;
2) easy to install and maintain;
3) possible to mount it in almost any conditions;
4) doesn’t ruin the interior of the venue;
5) no protruding parts and the monoblock design increase its sustainability.

It’s so small it can easily fit in your hand.

Bluetooth Beacon (Optional)

Supporting beacons of all types, the counter with such a module sends all of them at the same time, which provides flexibility for app development.
iBeacon, AltBeacon, Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-EID and Eddystone-URL simultaneously.


Smartphone Notifications

When a customer walks through under a MEGACOUNT 2D counter — for instance, having entered a store — they receive a notification on their smartphone about sales and discounts, new collections or offers they might be interested in.
Inform your clients about important things and communicate with them easily through mobile phones.


ibeacon megacount

Navigation in Shopping Centers
People counters installed in shopping centers send identification beacons, with the help of which an app can guide its users and show their location.


Verification by iOS and Android Scanners
Simultaneously receiving four types of beacons.

ibeacon (1)

ibeacon (2)

ibeacon (3)

Built-in WiFi Scanner (Optional)

All smartphones transmit special packages necessary to find Wi-Fi networks. These packages contain unique identification numbers — MAC addresses. 
MEGACOUNT counters with Wi-Fi scanner modules can scan, detect and store the addresses of iOS and Android users.wi fi

MAC addresses, detected by each counter, are sent to the OMEGA data processing system that analyzes the gathered data and uploads it to use in online tools.wificounter

Gender- and age-based traffic statistics for shopping centers or retail chains.
Interests and cities of residence of your target audience.



In our design we used modern parts for the base of the counter and have created an elegant device that is small in size. The counter is attached close to the ceiling, and its perfect shape and white-colour cover suit any interior.
A unique method of mounting allows to install the counter on any surface: dropped ceiling, open cell ceiling, drywall, concrete, outboard support.

Suitable for different style shopping centers and retail chains. The dimensions are 95mm х 65mm х 25mm (3.7in х 2.5in х 0.9in).

megacount people counter 2D


View the embedded image gallery online at:



1. 2D Video counter MEGACOUNT
2. Mounting plate
3. Set of screws
4. PoE injector
5. 48V power supply
6. Patch cord
7. Wi-Fi scanner or iBeacon (optional)

STATISTICS software or OMEGA cloud solution

8. Technical support
9. Counter calibration
Delivery (worldwide shipping)








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